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Marco Zaffiri - Alpine Guide

Marco Zaffiri - Alpinism

Mountain guide since 2004, currently living in Fagnano Alto (AQ), passionate of all the disciplines that take place in the mountains, deep connoisseur of the Gran Sasso massif and strong climber, he boasts many ascents on the Alps. He has a marked passion for the high mountains, that led him to make relevant ascents in the Mont Blanc massif and - since 2004 - to work as Alpine Guide in Chamonix, with local companies such as the “Compagnie des guides de Chamonix”, “Chamonix Experience”,”mont blanc guides”, “On-top mountainering”.

Great lover of ski mountaineering trips, he cut through the snows of half the world: Canada, Iran, Turkey, Norway, Corsica, Austria, Kyrgyzstan.

He collaborates with the Starmountain Tour operator as leader of trekking in Tanzania on Kilimanjaro, Nepal, Morocco. In the holidays he escapes with friends to climb around in Yosemite, Taghia, Jordan, Greece.


    • mobile: +39 3284843009
    • email: marco.zaffiri@gmail.com