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Emiliano Cipriani - Medium-Mountain Escort

Emiliano Cipriani - Medium-Mountain Escort
Grown up in the mountains of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, he has always wanted to live and face his environment at 360 degrees, passionate about the various summer and winter sports activities, from skiing to climbing, that a wild land like Abruzzo offers.

His environment, always surrounded by nature, in addition to feeding his passion for the mountains, forge in him a free spirit and adventurer that led him to dive into exciting travels like that in Peru and Bolivia, where he has dedicated himself to various trekking and bike trails, such as the Ruta de la Muerte, or more recently the entire west coast of Sardinia from north to south, with bikes and a tent.

Certified as Medium-Mountain Escort in 2016.


    • mobile: +39 349 0953231
    • email: emilianocipriani@hotmail.it