Lorenzo Baldi - Medium-Mountain Escort

Born in Rome, he left the city in 1994 to go and live in Calascio, a small village within the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, on the southern slope of the Gran Sasso massif.
The mountain has had and has a fundamental role in his life since he was a boy, when, both in winter and in summer, he started by train from Rome to explore the nearby Abruzzo.
This led him to be Alpine first of all, then a refugee manager, later working on the paths of the Gran Sasso to become a Medium-Mountain Escort in 2005.
His approach to the mountains has changed from that of a simple mountain hiker to that of an observer of the nature.
Great ski lover in all its aspects: cross-country skiers, hikers and ski mountaineers.
Today he made of his passion a profession in order to transmit to others his love for nature and the mountains.
An excellent connoisseur of the Abruzzo mountains, he also has a good knowledge of the mountains of the Alps, with experiences ranging from Val d'Aosta to Alto Adige, where he often organizes trekking.


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